Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee

The purpose of this committee is to review all ARC requests, and to ensure any exterior home improvements comply with the community’s Covenants and Regulations.  They meet every 2 weeks or as needed, when ever requests are submitted to the board.


As per the Fox Glen covenants, it is important to remember to submit an ARC request form before beginning any exterior home improvement projects.  Download the form here: ARC FORM then mail it to:

                  Fox Glen Homeowners Assoc.

                  C/O Cedar Management Group, LLC

                  PO BOX 26844

                  Charlotte, NC 28221


You may also submit your request via E-mail to speed up the process.  Just download the ARC Form above, fill it out, then E-mail to:





Fox Glen Garbage Can Policy


Pursuant to Article 6 Section C: XIV & XV

Effective March 1st, 2011


As part of our efforts in enhancing the appearance of our neighborhood, enforcement of the Garbage Can Policy will take effect March 1st, 2011.

The requirement states that all garbage cans, woodpiles, hot tubs, spas, and related equipment, and other similar items shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring streets and property. After March 1st, any homes with trash cans (or other related type items) visible from the street and are not surrounded with the updated enclosure will be subject to fines.

Please click the link for full details and samples for the enclosures.

Fox Glen Garbage Can Policy



Fox Glen Lawn Policy

The purpose of this policy is to help increase the individual homeowners value as well as to keep the community overall value high.  What you do or don't do, affects the entire neighborhood.  If it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to keep a community healthy and valuable.

Read the policy here: Fox Glen Lawn Policy






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